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Carl and Jenna Rainbow Fellowship Organization Interdenominational was founded in November of 2002, by Pastor Jenna and Carl Wheeler in the United States of America.  They are now sharing their testimonials in Australia.

We are a fellowship Organization with Ordained Pastors, Bishops and persons of Faith, outreaching with "Tough Love Programs" "Music Programs"  and Healing through the Spirit.

 A fellowship of a difference, under the Universal Banner, and associated with many other Ministry Programs.
Red Rose We are here to provide the following:

To provide Family Friendly Entertainment

To provide an environment that promotes family values, based on the Spiritual principles common to all religious beliefs (principles such as love, compassion, honesty, forgiveness, empathy, hope faith and joy)

To teach and live by the principles found in the King James Bible, excluding none, respecting individual beliefs, and reasoning together.

To live by the Principles we teach in all our dealings with other, practice the principles that we teach.

We are to be honest, forthright, and compassionate with all.

We are to turn the other cheek believing that God will protect and bless us in our outreach. 

With malice toward none, acceptance of all, proclaiming that, God is the Judge of all men. 

As such, we avoid doing God's job.

Bear To be a witness (not a defence attorney), God does not need one, nor a prosecuting attorney, and we do not try to condemn anyone, and we are certainly not Judges.
Our objective is to show that living by the principles of Christ we can have a successful and growing Enterprise.

 This is a community outreach to the people that want to follow in Our Walk with God program.


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