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Woman of Substance
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Claude Davis
  • To provide World Class Family Friendly Entertainment (To McCreary County, Stearns in Particular)
  • To provide an environment that promotes family values, based on the Spiritual principles common to all religious beliefs (principles such as love, compassion, honesty, forgiveness, empathy, hope faith and joy)
  • To conduct the Church Service (a non-denominational Service where all are welcome, to teach and live by the principles found in the bible, excluding none, respecting individual beliefs, and reasoning together.
  • To live by the Principles we teach (in all our dealings with other, practice the principles that we teach. We are to be honest, forthright, and compassionate with all.  
  • We are to turn the other cheek believing that God will protect and bless us in our outreach.  With malice toward none, acceptance of all, proclaiming that, God is the Judge of all men.  As such, we avoid doing God's job.

 We are so glad you could take time to visit us..  

Just remember the busier our lives become
The less time we have to spend with our family and each other
Just a few minutes each day a phone call away
Makes a difference to a persons day
For out of our friendships, relationships
Think of our Mother or Father
How long we have known someone
There is more to discover.


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