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Candles I wanted to share this story with you all, while going through Cancer. 

The day I was given my sentencing from the Doctor it did not come as a shock to me really because I knew what he was going to say.  My dear husband Pastor Carl was more shocked than I was. 

We prayed to God and left it in his hands.  By going through this journey Walking with God, I found out from other Doctor that I had actually been carrying this burden since the age of thirty.  Although, I had regular visits to Doctors over the years being in total 55 operations out of 58 years nobody had picked up that I had actually had all these problems.

But GOD certainly knew.

I had two massive squamous carcenoma tumors removed one from my left shoulder and one from my forehead.  I was told this would be an ongoing journey for the rest of my life.  Then another one appeared on my left module of the lung, and preperation was being made to have yet another operation.  We prayed with all our prayer warriors, we have xrays of proof it was there.  I was then sent for a Pet Scan, and the hospital stated that it was all clear and nothing was showing upon the scan results.  The Specialist Doctor was amazed, and said how can this be?  

I said; I know, it was GOD.

My faith grew stronger and stronger as I went through many trials with my health, but I feel his presence near and the warmth, love and joy I get from his blessings helps me cope with each day and everyday.


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