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Rainbow Fellowship Organization

 We are so glad you could take time to visit us..  

Just remember the busier our lives become
The less time we have to spend with our family and each other
Just a few minutes each day a phone call away
Makes a difference to a persons day
For out of our friendships, relationships
Think of our Mother or Father
How long we have known someone
There is more to discover.

There is a small problem if you go to Prayer Warriors or the Knitting Club buttons, please use the  ones at the bottom of this part of the page as the others cannot open in a new window.

Also take note also that Prayer Warriors, the Knitting Club plus Thanks and  Recipes are on other sites, or other areas of this website. Recipes is in the process of being restored.

Arkebiz with Arke Ministries is happy to host the Rainbow Fellowship site along with Jennarosa.com as well we appreciate the work of Enter Into Our World

Rainbow  Fellowship Organization is proudly part of  the Heart of Rock Rose Ministry Organization



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